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07/20 2012

Two New Interviews Posted on

Packing and moving to Florida did not completely cut me off from the Richmond dining scene. I was still able to publish a few more articles at I continued my Chef Chat series with two more chefs: Kevin LaCivita– Chef at Blue Goat & Caleb Shriver– Chef at Azizas on Main & soon to be, Dutch and Company.  I think both of them turned out really well, and hopefully, you’ll find out some interesting about them personally, as well as learn some of the thought process of someone who runs a kitchen.

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03/28 2012

Chef Chat with Philip Denny

This is an interview that I captured and published on

Hidden somewhere behind all the buzz of the Richmond restaurant scene, Chef Philip Denny of Six Burner is quietly cooking some of Richmond’s most interesting and innovative cuisine. Denny is a quiet and unassuming guy who enjoys spending his free time with his family and friends.

He doesn’t seem to crave the spotlight, yet some of the food coming out of that kitchen is worth giving him the attention that he deserves.

Give us a high level biography. Where are you from? How did you get to RVA, to where you are now?

My family is mostly from Tennessee, and I was born in Nashville. After a brief spell in Texas, my family moved to Chicago where I spent my formative years. I grew up around all the ethnic cuisine in Chicago and fell in love with food. My dad always cooked at home and took us out to eat at ethnic restaurants so I got a good mix.

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11/4 2011

Yes, I saw Eric Ripert (and Tony Bourdain, too)

Here is my take on RE: attending the Bourdain/Ripert show in C’Ville on Sunday.

If there is any question about whether or not “foodies” make up a real subculture, one only had to head to the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville on Sunday to see a packed house for chef extraordinaire Eric Ripert and famed food author and television host Anthony Bourdain. This was one tough ticket. Tickets have been sold out for months. There was a growing wait list. Resale tickets on Craigslist and eBay were nowhere to be found. The only way to get one was to know people who know people. (No, I’m not giving away my secrets.)

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10/6 2011

Scafidi to Open to Restaurant

I recently published a quick post for the Richmond Magazine Blog announcing the new venture for Giuseppe Scafidi.

About this time last year, Giuseppe Scafidi announced that he had accepted a buyout offer for his share in Stuzzi, a Neapolitan pizzeria on Belmont Avenue, and was looking for new opportunities. For months, he kept his eye out for the right space to host his new venture. He is now happy to say that he has settled on a location, and Scafidi will be working to open his own place in early 2012.

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07/15 2011

The Marinara in the Media

Special Thanks to Amy David and Richmond Biz Sense for their article on the latest BBQ Crawl.

A local barbecue enthusiast has taken the city’s growing food tour business to the next level.

Matt Sadler recently launched Richmond’s BBQ Crawl, the area’s first barbecue-based bus tour.

“The idea spurred from an impromptu gathering me and my friends did a few years ago,” said Sadler, an IT consultant by day. “We were trying a few places and comparing them against each other and I thought, ‘Why can’t we rent a bus, have people come on and try them and not have to worry about traveling to these places?’”

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03/2 2011

Doing it Peter Chang Style

Last night I had the pleasure of dining at Peter Chang’s China Grill with some good friends. It was a special VIP Chinese Banquet for fans of the chef, and I was fortunate to be able to celebrate the opening. Here is what I wrote about the event at

The elusiveness of chef Peter Chang has captured the imagination of food lovers and writers alike. From the moment he left his work at the Chinese embassy in Washington circa 2005, his Szechuan legacy had been experienced all over the South. Chang was a famous chef on the move; he never stayed in one place more than a few months. His stops included Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, Tennessee and Atlanta — where he seems to have settled. As his legend and popularity grew, experiencing Chang’s handiwork became almost a sport. Enthusiasts attempted to game Chang’s system to see where he would show up next and they flocked to eat his food before he would pack up and move someplace else.


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02/23 2011

The Marinara Discusses Food and Parenting

It was a great honor when RVANews approached me about contributing an article concerning parenting and food. Admittedly, I am in the throws of the battle. My four year old is refusing to eat rice, which is not acceptable since it is cheap and it works well with my current cooking adventures. At least I haven’t given up yet. Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think……

I am a foodie. I am also a father of a four-year-old boy (and a two-month-old boy, but he can’t eat anything so this doesn’t apply to him). While parenting is higher on the scale of importance, my foodie-ism is never far from the surface. I want my sons to grow up having an appreciation for food.

While it may be unrealistic for me to think that my boys will have the same passion for food and dining that I do, I firmly believe that I can have some positive influence on what they eat and how they enjoy it. Not only can I point them to healthier options, I can also make them appreciate a wide variety of foods and cuisines. Four years into this parenting thing, I’ve had my share of wins and losses. Here are a few: