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01/25 2013

The Candida Diet Experiment- An Update

angry-faceIt’s been almost 2 weeks since I completed my 7 day cleanse / detox. Lost in the confusion of having such a difficult week of essentially fasting, was the actual purpose of the cleanse, which was to prepare for the Candida Diet. So let’s tie a nice bow on the fast and get into the real experiment.

Finishing the Cleanse-

Overall the cleanse was good experience in that it taught me that I could survive without food. I really mean this in more of an emotional experience than physically. I have a enough stored body fat that I could probably survive a while without food. It was the mental anguish of not eating that was the most difficult. I was hungry 30% of the time, and no matter how angry, sad, depressed, or frustrated I became, I could not return to food for comfort. As a result, I was bitchier than normal.

I broke my cleanse on Sunday AM. During that time, my weight was 11 lbs lower than my previous low. Now I wasn’t too excited. I was living on an empty stomach, and I was probably even slightly dehydrated. I knew my weight would pop up a little, and after about 4 days is settled in at 4 lbs more than that. So Net Weight loss during the fast was 7 lbs.

Onto the Candida Diet-

chartAfter now eating for a week, having any food was a complete blessing. As part of the diet, I was also hoping to maintain my ketotic state. Ketosis will happen when you aren’t eating because your brain needs the ketones for fuel with the lack of any glucose. My goal was to eat with the dietary guidelines (think Paleo, but stricter) but also try to maintain a macronutrient ratio of (70% Fat, 25 % Protein, 5% Carbohydrates). Without high fat staples like bacon or triple cream brie, this was going to be challenging.

The key to making this diet work is eggs. Eggs have a great way of satiating your appetite. They mix well with greens. They also have the ability to absorb the cooking fats, whether it is Kerrygold butter, olive oil or coconut oil. The first week, I actually made an egg casserole of a dozen eggs, spinach, and ground lamb. As a condiment, I mixed Greek yogurt (the only dairy allowed), olive oil, garlic, and oregano. Normally, theis casserole would have cheese, but the sauce provided the necessary velvetiness.

Since I am also a big meat person, I made an order to US Wellness Meats. The beef sausage sliders were a lifesaver. I mushed the patties out and fired them up in a skillet. The beef provided an interesting depth and change of pace.

Good lowcarb  mealAnother staple that I began using was the whole avocado with olive tapenade. Very simple meal replacement. Just cut the fruit in half, remove the pit, and spoon in olive salad or tapenade into the crater. The savory of the salad complimented the sweetness of the avocado.

Anyway, I am missing my pork, my cheese, my wine, and my coffee. One more week left. My last day will likely be 1/31. In the meantime, I am to report that 3 of those 4 recovery lbs are gone.

NOTE- I never received any die-off symptoms from the Candida. I plan on running a test next week to see if it is still showing up on my tests. The lack of die-off may be to the fact that I had been using an anti-candida supplement called Candex for the previous month.