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01/8 2013

The January Experiment: The Candida Diet

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

UPDATED- 1/10/2013

I’ve had my share of incoherent thoughts over the years, but this post might be at the top of the list. This time, I have a good excuse. I’m in the process of starving myself. For the past 2 days, I have consumed psyllium husk drinks, liver flush drinks (water, EVOO, garlic, and ginger), tea, and vegetable broth. I’ve never in my life thought a vegan diet seemed so good and wonderful, but I would take anything to end this hunger. Needless to say my concentrations levels are at a low. My will is breaking, and this blog post is a feeble attempt at some sort of accountability.

Why am I starving myself?

That is a good question. I’ve asked myself that at least 35 times a day for the past 3 days. I am not trying to starve myself. I’m just trying to clear myself out a little. I’m in the process of a 7 day cleanse. The cleanse is the first step in the Candida Diet, which is my health and nutrition goal for January.

What is the Candida Diet?

Well , there is this website, but I just skimmed the process over a bit. I’m really doing this because the smart folks at Living Well Today did a health assessment of me and they suggested that this would be a great next step for me and my health. As they explained to me, candida is like a crab grass in your gut. It causes all sorts of health and concentration issues. I basically looked at the diet, and I saw that it was a slightly more restrictive version of my detox that I did last year. I figured “What the hell?”

Apparently, this is Candida (image from the Candida Diet Website)

So the plan goes along something like this- start with a cleanse or detox and then do this strict diet until my symptoms disappear. Since I am a bit vague on the symptoms, my plan is to do this for 3 weeks. I have a conference that last weekend in February, and I want to afford myself the flexibility needed to dine out.

I am already on a low carb diet, here are the OTHER things that I am giving up during the strict diet phase: Pork, Seafood (except Wild Salmon, Anchovies, and Sardines), Dark Chocolate, Coffee, Dairy (except for yogurt and butter). From experience, I know that the no-dairy thing is brutal. Giving up bacon and sausage just seems cruel. Then again, it is 3 weeks. I can do this.


In the meantime, I need to somehow make it through the next 5 days. I can’t tell you the emotional and psychological toll this cleanse/fast is taking on me. I enjoy food so much. I look forward to my meals with great anticipation. I can handle missing a meal now and then. I can handle fasting for a day. But knowing that I am not going to eat for another 14 meals is just plain depressing. I will need all the encouragement I can get during this process.

Progress Report (1/10/13)

Although I am training for a 5K in February, that is now at a complete standstill. I tried running on Wednesday, and I felt light-headed and dizzy. Apparently the body doesn’t like to exercise when there are not readily available nutrients. I’m hoping to start reintroducing food on Sunday. I will try and do start up again on Sunday night.

For being a colon cleanse, I have found nothing of the sort. Salt water was suggested to me by a friend, and then I came across this page. So I tried it this morning, and sure enough, it worked. For the record, chugging salt water blows.

Finally, there are moments where I am losing my sanity. I wonder if I am doing more harm than good. I am struggling to concentrate at work. I’m a bit more quick-tempered with the wife and kids. Frankly, I feel miserable. I obsess over the first spoonful of coconut oil that I consume. I am trying to keep my resolve. I want to see this through. I don’t ever have to do this again, but I want to know that I did this, and that in itself means that I can accomplish things that are much more challenging.