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09/25 2012

Week 9: The RNC Invasion & Pinky’s

One of the most defining moments in this summer, 2012 is when Mitt came to town. It wasn’t just the presedential candidate who made it to the Cigar City, he brought along several thousand of his closest friends. I am not exaggerating when I call it a defining moment. Life stood still. People put a hold on making plans, they changed work locations, and others even simply left town.

I knew that I would likely be displaced. My coworking space is across the street from the convention center and just a few more blocks away from the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Even if I had wanted to use the space, it wasn’t an option as Google ended up renting out the space for the week.

So I’d be lying if I said the RNC didn’t affect me. It totally did, but it was minor because A) I don’t make many plans these days and 2) Starbucks and other coffee shops aren’t bad substitutes for my normal coworking space. There are advantages of living in the middle of the nowhere. Other than the newspaper coverage, I missed everything. I saw a few unfortunate souls sporting their blue blazers and American flag pins, but the political crazies were too busy hanging out amongst themselves.

Honestly, the most excitement that occured during the RNC was the phantom hurricane that cancelled schools and never hit this region of Florida.

By the time the weekend rolled along, Tampa was beginning its recovery, and I decided to try a new breakfast place. Pinky’s in South Tampa seemed to get some raving Yelp reviews. The restaurant opened at 8, and we were the second group to be seated. It filled up quickly.

I knew I would love this place for several reasons. The place itself was old, worn and comfortable. The coffee is self serve and you get to choose your own mismatched mug. Oh, and the menu was creative but not over the top.

Instead of going down the traditional omellette route, Pinky’s decides to focus on frittatas. We tried the both the Italian and Mexican frittatas; however, it was the Mexican that seemed to be the favorite. It wasn’t revolutionary but the combination of chorizo, cheese, peppers, onions, sour cream and pico de gallo, made for a nice breakfast.

The Mexican Bacon and Eggs was another treat. This dish incorporated smoked pork belly, eggs, corn tortillas, and ranchero sauce for a rich, succulent treat. The belly was nice and thick with a crispy exterior and soft, sexy interior. The ranchero sauce was deep and hearty. It actually reminded me more of a red mole sauce. Whatever it was, it was damn good. It was so good that we have already made out return trip.

Guess what folks? If you do decide to visit us down here in Tampa. You can rest assured that if we make it out for breakfast, Pinky’s will likely be on the top of the list.