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09/21 2012

The Lil’ Marinara’s First Day of School and Yummy House

The First Day Activities

I have to admit, I thought sending my first born would be an emotional event, but it wasn’t. The Lil’ Marinara (LM) sprinted onto the bus, waved goodbye, and was off to school. I walked the Carbonara off to day care, and that was that. No tears. No depression. No sadness. Nothing.

If I felt anything, it was nerves. I worry about how my children adapt to circumstances and situations. I’m guessing this is normal. I can’t be the only parent to worry about whether or not one’s child is a good fit with his teacher or other kids. Life hasn’t been easy for the Little Marinara since May. In a span of 3 ½ months, he left his daycare, where he’d had the same friends for 5 years, started a new day care, moved to a different state, started another day care, and finally started kindergarten. All those transitions aren’t lost on me. I know the boy is resilient, but one can only take so much.

However, worrying about the LM, at least that day, was all for naught, because one minute after seeing LM after that first day, I knew everything was okay. There wasn’t an ounce of hesitation or hurt or fear. He had a great time. He liked his teacher. He was meeting new kids. He was learning. He was happy, but that happiness didn’t keep him out of trouble. He proceeded to torture The Carbonara all evening.

So LM’s first day of school was on a Tuesday, Grandpa Jack arrived on a Thursday. It’s great having Grandpa Jack around the house. It means that me and the mrs get to go out on a very rare date.

I picked the restaurant, she picked the movie.

Spicy Tofu in a Clay Pot

So it was the Sunday before the Republican National Convention. The city was swarming with people. We thought it best to stay on the outskirts. I chose a Cantonese establishment called Yummy House. Really, how can you go wrong with any place called Yummy House.

And guess what? It was YUMMY.

I was so spoiled in Richmond with Peter Chang cooking up some amazing food. I know that quality of Chinese cuisine is the exception and not the rule. So going to a Cantonese place, I knew I wasn’t going to get the same level of spice, but I wanted something other than the bland favorites

We ordered too much food. I think we ordered five dishes between the two of us. We were excited to try everything, and of course we didn’t put a dent into the menu. Everything was great, but the Salt and Pepper Calamari and the Duck and Fried Grape Fried Rice were amazing. The calamari was batter fried, and then topped with peppers, garlic and whatever makes fried food even more amazing. The rice was the perfect blend of richness and sweet. The fried grape thing weirded me out at first, but another fellow foodie swore to me that it was a must-try dish. It was the grapes that made the dish special.

Salt & Pepper Calamari

The fried rice wasn’t the only dish that utilized fruit. There were some specials that made heavy use of strawberries and lychee fruit. That in itself, made me want to return to yummy House.

We followed a very successful dinner outing with some Jeremy Renner and the Bourne Legacy. For a brief 4 hour period, everything was just right in the world.