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08/31 2011

The Less Messy Hoagie at All in One Subs

The joys of working in the middle of nowhere is that you tend to jump at the chance at trying a new restaurant.

I recently came across a flyer for All in One Subs, it suddenly became a priority to visit there.

So the concept is simple- Take a sub roll and drive a spike though the center of it but not coming out the other end. This creates a deep well for ingredients to be shoved into the roll. It also means that there is only one area for food and juices to escape the roll. Therefor, it is a less messy hoagie.

I had a roast beef au jus sandwich, and I barely needed the wrapper or napkin. Everything was well contained. It wasn’t till the very end when the bread became slightly soggy (but all the more flavorful). It was a really good sandwich. My only thought was that Jimmy the owner could come up with a larger selection with some uber-creative options. Nonetheless, i will go back as long as I am spending time in *this neck of the woods.

*this neck of the woods- rt 10 between Hopewell and Chester. Just West of 288.

All in One Subs
Chester, VA 23836