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06/10 2011

Food Destinations: Komi

I love Richmond as a food town, but sometimes you have to look outside the area for some change. This regular segment will feature restaurants within a 300 mile radius that would totally be worth the drive.

If I had a ranking of places nearby that I would visit, Komi would top that list. There are so many features about it that excite me. It is small and intimate. They tell you what they are going to serve and there is one price. So when you visit, you are there to enjoy good food and there is no way to hide from the price ($135). I love that the cuisine is primarily Greek. One of the my fondest dinners was the night of my 10th Anniversary in which we dined at Selene on the Island of Santorini. Komi is one of the few places that can potentially bring back that same style cuisine at that level.

Pictures are from Midwestern Masticatory Musings

Here are some interesting links about Komi:

If you have been to Komi, please tell me about your experience. If you haven’t and want to make the road trip with me, let me know.